Your health is paramount to us.

A lot of measures have been taken in our facility to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus during this pandemic.  By complying with these measures, we expect you to follow our rules to protect yours and our employees’ health: 


  • All of our Staff are subjected to health checks before hiring
  • All of our Staff use personal protective equipment 
  • All of our Staff have their temperatures taken when they arrive at work. Any member of Staff with a high temperature is not admitted to work
  • All of our Staff work taking into account the rules of social distancing
  • All of our Staff have received training on hygiene, food safety and pandemics and continue to receive them


  • Social distance rules (1.5 m) are applied in our common areas (lobby, restaurant, pool area, beach, foyer areas, meeting rooms, animation areas etc.) and these points are marked
  • You can see the social distance areas and special conditions in our chart / plan
  • Our sunbeds are placed on the beach and by the pools in accordance with the social distance rules
  • Our guests can get masks and other protective materials from Reception
  • We have hand disinfectants in all public areas (lobby, restaurant, spa, fitness, pool area, wc's, etc.), in our staff areas, floor corridors and in front of elevators
  • All common areas are being naturally ventilated in a certain time interval
  • The ventilation filters of our entire facility are cleaned regularly and unsuitable ones are replaced
  • Please contact the Reception in case of any symptoms of illness


  • Frequently used materials (key card, towel card, etc.) are regularly disinfected
  • Your luggage is delivered to your room after disinfection
  • Contactless payment methods are at your service


  • When cleaning a room, disposable rags are used with effective alcohol-based and chlorine-based disinfectants
  • The rooms are thoroughly ventilated during cleaning
  • All surfaces which have been in contact with hands are thoroughly disinfected (door handle, remote control, furniture, etc.)
  • In line with the instructions, ozone disinfection procedures are carried out in the rooms once our housekeeping staff have completed their cleaning in the rooms, making the rooms ready for guest use
  • Our Staff carry out cleaning, observing their personal hygiene precautions (using gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, etc.)
  • Bed linen is washed every 3 days at temperatures above 60° C (optional)


  • Social distancing floor markings are present at our buffets and bars
  • Food and beverages are served by our Staff
  • All our tables have hand sanitizer
  • Our dining tables are disinfected specially for each guest change
  • There are person limitations in our shopping stores and you are expected to wear a mask
  • You can ask our Staff in the restaurants to serve you anything you wish from our buffets without touching it
  • As all beverages are served to the table, you can ask also our Staff in the bars for a drink
  • Food safety rules are applied in all our kitchen, our cooks serve you hygienic and delicious meals
  • All dishes are rinsed at 80-85 C temperatures


  • Limited number of people will be allowed to our animation activities to reduce contact
  • All animation equipment is cleaned and disinfected every day
  • Limited number of children are allowed at a time in the Mini Club and reservation service is provided. It is ventilated after each use and equipment is disinfected. Opening time: 10:00-12:30, 15:00-17:00


  • There is a person limitation and 30 min. usage time limit for Turkish bath, sauna, steam room and fitness center. Advance booking is necessary. After use, these rooms will be cleaned and disinfected for 15 minutes
  • Towels are provided by our Staff


  • Limited number of people will be allowed to our gym to reduce contact. Service is provided by reservation
  • Gym is ventilated and equipment is disinfected after each use


  • Daily cleaning and disinfection of our pools is carried out in accordance with sanitary rules and regulations and is monitored 3 times a day
  • Guests who have symptoms of the disease cannot use the pools, they were informed about this when checking in


  • All guests who have booked holidays at our hotel are obligated to comply with the measures taken by the hotel regarding COVID-19
  • The service may be terminated for those guests who do not comply with measures taken at the hotel regarding COVID-19
  • Our hotel does not take any responsibility for all consequences for those guests who do not comply with the rules taken by the hotel regarding COVID-19
  • The hotel has the right to ask guests to leave the property if staying of these guests threatens health of others
  • On behalf of the management of L'Oceanica Beach Resort, we ask you to act in accordance with the rules applicable in the hotel regarding COVID-19 in order to provide a healthy and safe stay for all guests

We hope to see you soon at our hotel!